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This hour-long inter-active concert features songs and a dance from around the world, including music from the British Isles, France, Germany, Italy, Africa, China, South America and the West Indies.

A large array of instruments - most of which the children will never have seen before - are used in varying combinations - including Lowland bagpipes, lap harp, flamenco guitar, charango, accordion, pan-pipes, pennywhistles, quena, Chinese "ti" flute (buzzing flute) and other ethnic flutes, Arabic doumbek, bodhran and other ethnic drums, and others - the ever-changing musical rainbow will constantly astonish and delight students and staff alike.

Against a large colourful world map backdrop, both the music and the instruments are discussed in their geographical and cultural contexts, as well as their family roles.

There will be "hands-on" experience, with children being recruited to help with some of the percussion instruments, and music will be sent to you in advance so your instrument players can take part in one or two items. The students will learn an ethnic dance, and a question period near the end gives everyone a chance to satisfy his or her curiosity.

The World of Music is a unique, not-to-be-missed experience for Primary and Intermediate children. To book a "Bill & Kath" school show, contact us by email or phone (details below) or check out the Bookings page.

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