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In New Zealand

We spend between eleven and sixteen weeks a year on the road touring schools, doing concerts and playing for bush dances in all parts of New Zealand. We manage to cover most of the country every year, though we can't offer all of our shows on any particular tour.

Here's an general outline of the times we tour certain areas - but it can vary.

Term One:
Complete tour of the South Island (not every year).

Term Two:
Gisborne and Hawkes Bay, Waikato, Eastern Bay of Plenty, Bay of Plenty and King Country, Taranaki, Manuwatu, Wairarapa and Wellington areas.

Terms Three and Four:
We're often touring overseas in Term Three. Term Four varies, with Auckland and local schools predominating.

Auckland and Lower North schools may book for any time of the school year - spaces are often available in all terms. Full contact details are at the bottom of this page, or on the Bookings page.

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Canadian Tours

After very successful and enjoyable Canadian tours in northern summer 2000 and 2001 (and a solo tour by me - Kath - in August 2003), we are making it an annual, or at least, bi-annual event.

Canada is the best place in the world for childrens' music - many of the best perfomers of childrens' music are based there, and it is a well respected art form - an attitude we'd like to see adopted in New Zealand. While we are in Canada, we hope to see and hear some of the performers we've heard about, as well as performing our own shows.

We base ourselves with my family in Brantford. We travel light, but still take several instruments (probably guitars, accordian, concertina, whistles, recorders and other wind and percussion instruments), some magic tricks and puppets, and many years of experience as singers, musicians, dance callers and entertainers of all sorts of audiences.

We are used to working either acoustically or with a P.A., but if a sound system is needed it will have to be provided (necessary for any outdoor bookings except walk-arounds). We can perform at family or childrens' shows, folk club concerts (adults), house concerts (adults) or festival concerts (children and/or adults), and barn dances (families or adults).

If you would like to book a "Bill and Kath" show in Southern Ontario or New Zealand, contact us by email, phone or fax (details below) or check out the Bookings page.

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