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In late 1991 we released a cassette tape/song book combination called COLONIAL HERITAGE SONGS, which we sold primarily in schools, as an adjunct to our COLONIAL HERITAGE SHOW. These songs are almost entirely traditional - songs of sealers, whalers, gold prospectors, gumdiggers, swagmen and shearers. The songbook provides lyrics, melody lines, guitar chords, background notes and recording details. (This has now been reproduced as a CD and song book combination.)

In 1999 we released two CDs:

New Zealand Tour       Fields of the Gum

      NEW ZEALAND TOUR       GDM002
Bill and Kath Worsfold

New Zealand Tour is a collection of folksongs of New Zealand from one end to the other. Some of the songs are traditional, some are quite recent - and all are long-standing favourites.

Track Listing: (For full lyrics click here)

  1. Looking For the Yeller (B. Manufui/D. Rainey)
  2. Friendly Road (Traditional)
  3. Scrub and Blackberry (P. Bond)
  4. The Black Swans (Anon/N. Colquhoun)
  5. The Mail Coach Line (Anon/N. Colquhoun)
  6. The T.T. Line (P. Cox/B. Worsfold)
  7. Russian Jack (B. Lovell)
  8. Hard Oil (G. Dawson)
  9. Taranaki Spring (H. Gretton)
  10. Diggers Farewell (Anon/N. Colquhoun)
  11. The Brunner Mine (B. Read)
  12. Working for the Roads Board (K. Ring)
  13. O'Brien and the Whale (V. Nieman)
  14. Soon May the Wellerman Come (Traditional)

Bill and Kath Worsfold

Northland was where the European settlement in New Zealand first began, and it is probably the most interesting (historically speaking) part of the country. Its celebration in song was long overdue. Nine of the fourteen tracks are originals, and five of the tracks deal with the gum trade of the late nineteenth century.

Track Listing: (For full lyrics click here)

  1. The Waipu Settlers (W. Macky)
  2. The Mahurangi Regatta (J. Cardow)
  3. Dalmation Bloodlines (B. Worsfold/K. Worsfold)
  4. I Only Spoke Portuguese (B. Worsfold)
  5. Ko'rareka (B. Worsfold)
  6. Hakaru Races (B. Worsfold)
  7. The Apple Pickers Ball (R. Sunde)
  8. Crossing the Kaipara Bar (B. Worsfold)
  9. The Three From Hogan's Camp (Anon/B. Worsfold)
  10. Farewell to the Gumfields
    (B. Worsfold/K. Worsfold)
  11. The Old Gumdiggers Bar (D. Hogan/J. Norton)
  12. Rainbird in the Tea-Tree (P. Cape)
  13. Fields of the Gum (B. Worsfold)


We are currently working on our first childrens' album, titled DANCING IN THE FULL MOONLIGHT - a mixture of traditional favourites and quirky originals. A few "sneak preview" tracks from this can be heard on our Kids Soundbytes page. In the pipeline also is a much-requested barn dance book/tape combination.


The CDs are priced at NZ$25.00 each, and the book/tape combination at NZ$25.00. The book/CD combination is NZ$30.00, and the CD/book/tape combination is NZ$33.00. Please add NZ$2.00 extra for the first item for (surface) postage and handling within New Zealand. For multiple orders, please contact us for postage costs.

For overseas customers, we are using Paypal. Please contact us for current costs, as exchange rates go up and down from time to time. Contact details are listed below.


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