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We're a super portable live band - AKA "live music duo". We play ambient, background or mood music - "good time", or "good mood" music.

Our instruments of choice are a small piano accordion and a Spanish guitar. From years of playing for barn dances, our core repertoire is mostly Celtic and European dance tunes, spiced with other folk and popular tunes that we've picked up along the way from all over the place.

Long ago we discovered that strong melodies and lively rhythms make far better background music than flashy showpieces. Lots of times we've noticed people starting to tap their toes, sway their hips, smile and hum or sing along when we play. It's not a show, it's not "shut up and listen to the artistes!" music, but we have noticed that there are always some people who position themselves a little closer to hear/watch better.

So what we have to offer is bright cheerful background music suitable for all sorts of people, events and situations.

Our instruments are acoustic - we often play with no amplification, sometimes even where there's no electricity - but we can amplify them if required. We don't overpower the conversation - just provide a nice background colour to it.

Portability - we can play almost anywhere we can get to - indoors or outdoors, upstairs or downstairs, and we can fit into a compact space.

Flexibility - our repertoire is memorised so we don't hide behind music stands, we play standing and can easily move from one place to another, even while playing. We don't work a set program but can change as we go along to suit the moment. We can also include some 'called' and taught barn dances if you like (if you want a whole barn dance event, see the Barn Dance page).

We have played in back yards, courtyards, lobbies, ballrooms, streets, festivals, on boats - even once, in a marquee somewhere in the backblocks of the Desert Road - we and the guests were ferried in from the Chateau on army trucks. We used to play in a chain of supermarkets and sometimes people who popped in to buy some groceries would start dancing in the aisles!

Just real people playing real music on real instruments. No gimmicks - and so much classier than faceless piped muzak!

Note: For completely portable events, we would work acoustically - just us and our instruments. If we'll be needing to use our sound system we will need vehicle access to load in and out.

Bill and Kath's entertainment is available in the Greater Auckland area, also including the North Shore, Whangaparaoa, Hibiscus Coast, Orewa, Warkworth, Wellsford, Matakana, Snells Beach, Rodney and many other areas - contact us if you're not sure.

To book Bill & Kath's Live Music Duo, contact us by email, or phone (details below) or check out the Bookings page.

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