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Kool Kat and (left to right) Dolly, Clarence Crow and Sylvester

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For years Bill and I performed our kids shows only in schools, but then I decided the general public outside school was poorly catered for with quality shows, so I used my love of puppets and magic, added it to the songs, music and dance I already do, and Kool Kat the Puppet Lady was born! (MiNiM the Magician - Bill's alter ego - was created soon after.)

Kool Kat arrives for the show brightly costumed, with puppets, musical instruments, dances and magic - all set for fun and laughter - and then anything might happen . . . Sylvester the magic rabbit puppet comes out of a top hat and does magic tricks . . . Dolly, a giant yellow bird marionette who adores children, comes up wanting to be petted, then teaches the children a dance . . . we sing a "story-song" . . . Kool Kat and the children form a band, with accordion and percussion instruments . . . everyone sings a funny action song . . . Kool Kat introduces one of her ventriloquist puppets - cheeky Jerry, or perhaps Clarence the Crow . . . and so on.

Much more than just a puppet show, a music show, a dance or a magic show . . . Kool Kat keeps the fun happening by ringing the changes.

Balloon animals are available on request, and, along with strolling puppets and accordion music for variation, form the major part of Kool Kat's roving entertainment.

Also available - a ninety minute puppet making workshop including a short puppet show, suitable for 4-11-year-olds with supervision. (If there are children under four present, there will be colouring sheets available for them.)

Kool Kat is available for shows and/or roving entertainment wherever there are children present - birthday parties, pre-schools, fairs, galas, Christmas parties, libraries, shopping malls, promotions, etc.

To book Kool Kat the Puppet Lady, contact us by email or phone (details below) or check out the Bookings page.

Kool Kat, Dolly (left) and George (right)


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